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Temporary licensing information for cannabis businesses

The new cannabis regulations state that while a business is in the process of applying for their annual license, they may be able to secure a temporary license. These temp licenses are usually valid for 120 days and will allow a business to engage in commercial cannabis activity. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you work towards compliance before January 1.


Temporary licenses

While your cannabusiness may be working towards compliance, there are important matters at hand that must be addressed before you're open for business. One of those is your cannabis business license, which will be issued from one of three different departments, depending on your business type.

A temporary license is a conditional license that allows you to engage in commercial cannabis business activity for a period of 120 days — this includes cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, testing labs and microbusinesses. 

Applicants are required to provide information before a temporary license is granted. This information will vary depending on which governmental bureau you're going through, but usually includes providing proof of a local license as well as sharing information about your cannabusiness, such as business type, contact information, info on the owners, physical address and license designation (A-License for adult-use, or M-License for medicinal). 

These temporary licenses will allow your business to conduct commercial cannabis activity while you go through the annual application process. It's important to develop and maintain standard operating procedures in regards to cultivation, extraction and infusion, transportation, inventory control, quality control, waste control, security protocols and a documented and defined source of water (for cultivators). If you don't keep your business complaint and adhere to them, your license may be forfeited or denied at the 12-month renewal mark.

Keep your business compliant

CCA offers governmental advocacy with the state as well as cities and counties. We don't simply print out a regulation and application and tell you, "Good luck!" when you go through the process. Let CCA be your business advocate through each step of the licensing and regulatory process.

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