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Compliance calls for California cannabis businesses

Only one of Orange County's 34 cities plans to allow for retail cannabis businesses to open their doors come January 1 — so far. However, hopes are high that the state's new, robust regulations on cannabis can help move current "black market" operations into compliance. Here's a rundown of how CCA can help your business pave the way to compliance this new year.


The path to compliance

California cannabis businesses are ramping up for compliance come January 1, but many businesses are finding there are roadblocks. Namely, while the state is allowing for adult-use as well as medicinal cannabis, the counties and cities still have the ability to forbid retail sale. 

In Orange County, in particular, the opportunities seem quite stark — so far, only one of the cities (Santa Ana) plans to allow for retail cannabis shops, and no cannabis businesses will be allowed on unincorporated county land. Other cities will allow distribution and manufacturing, and still others will allow deliveries, but there is good news to be had — things can change rapidly in the business and more areas may be adopting a wait-and-see approach before moving forward with local regulations.

How can California Cannabis Advisors help?

Here at CCA, we offer a bevy of services for the cannabis entrepreneur, and with all the new regulations and potential influx of cannabusinesses, it's crucial to have someone on your side as you wade through the rules and set up shop.

CCA has extensive experience with licensing, permitting, compliance and enforcement issues, and will act as your company's representative throughout every stages of the local and state licensing process. We also work directly by the side of business owners, their managers and their employees, which helps ensure that regulators are satisfied your business meets and exceeds compliance standards. 

Also, it's no secret that cannabis-related businesses are often faced with hurdles when attempting to access services that are widely available to traditional businesses. We will create unique compliance programs that will offer financial institutions, payment processors, landlords and insurance providers a necessary level of due diligence that will help make these services directly available to your cannabusiness. 

Compliance is just a step away

Are you looking for a partner you can trust to help you wade through government regulations and to be your advocate? Let CCA help as you work towards compliance with California's cannabis regulations. 

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