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State cannabis law enforcement: How CCA can help

Although adult-use cannabis is now legal in California, and licensing is open to those who wish to operate a cannabis business, the regulations are quite extensive. Slipping up can lead to serious repercussions for you and your business including fines, penalties and even license revocation. CCA can appear on your behalf to preserve licensure in the event of an enforcement action at either the state or local level, but the first (and best step) is to ensure your business is compliant. 


Cannabis and the state laws

As we've talked about extensively on our blog, cannabis regulations are very dense and very specific. Depending on which regulatory body oversees your cannabis business, the rules and regulations can be different — regulations for cultivators are understandably different from regulations for retailers, for example. What's not different, however, is that enforcement at the state level can have serious consequences for anyone operating a cannabis business.

One recent example in the news saw an entire season's crop of cannabis (nearly a ton) confiscated by the California Highway Patrol a few days before 2018 rolled in. The drivers of an unmarked van were stopped for a traffic violation and were subsequently arrested and all of their property was seized, including the company's van. The issue? A state license is required for transport, and they had moved the product in advance of California's legalization date. 

Goals of cannabis regulations

One of the goals of these new cannabis regulations is for cannabis businesses that may have been operating on the black market to come into the light, get licensed and conduct business legally (and collect and pay their fair share of taxes). However, even one small trip up can derail a business plan and put the business at serious risk.

There is good news, however — CCA has extensive experience appearing on behalf of clients in the event of state enforcement. Contact us today for help with compliance so you can avoid enforcement, but in the event you're facing penalties or fines, we can help you there, too. 

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