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Local cannabis law enforcement: What CCA can do for you

While there are three state agencies that regulate the cannabis industry, each local jurisdiction also establishes regulations for cities and counties. Here are some of the ways local officials enforce cannabis regulations, and how CCA will work with you to defend your business in the event of an enforcement action. 


Local cannabis regulations

While the state of California has worked hard to develop regulations surrounding the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing and retail sale of adult-use cannabis and cannabis products, the rules don't necessarily end there for those in the cannabis industry. These state regulations are extensive and detailed, however, your local laws can also impact how you do business — or whether you can do business at all in your county or city.

One recent example can be found in Nevada County, as that county has no licensed cultivators because its grow ordinance forbids commercial activity. This means that local growers cannot get a state license since the state regulations mandate that licensed businesses only do business with other state license holders. This example demonstrates not only how important it is to know ahead of time who is licensed and who you can do business with before any transactions take place so you can avoid enforcement actions at the state or local level. 

Regulations, compliance and enforcement

Of course, compliance is the ultimate first step for your cannabusiness. If you're following regulations from the outset, you're not going to be subject to enforcement actions at the state or local level, which makes compliance the most crucial box to check as you grow your business. CCA is capable of helping you through your every step of creating and implementing your compliance program to make sure everything is as it should be.

CCA can also have your back if your business comes under fire by local law enforcement. We have plenty of experience defending clients in the event of local enforcement and can help preserve your licenses so you can stay in business.

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