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Los Angeles Begins Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

Los Angeles has started selling adult-use cannabis to customers over the age of 21. L.A.'s city regulations are a good example of local regulations and why it's important to pay close attention to local rules as well as state regulations. 


As of this writing, there are 76 retail locations around the city of Los Angeles. In order to get to this point, however, these retail businesses had to get a state temporary license as well as approval at the local level. L.A. has a bevy of regulations that business owners must follow in order to maintain compliance. Here are a few of the specific rules L.A.-based cannabis retail shops must comply with in order to maintain their permits and licenses.

Prominent displays required

There are a couple items that must be prominently displayed at the business premises. 

Temporary approval or license: The business must display their temporary approval (or license) so that it can be readable from the outside of the business.

Neighborhood liaison: Each business must designate one employee as its neighborhood liaison, who will be in charge of receiving and addressing complaints 24 hours a day. His or her contact information must be prominently displayed so that it can also be read from outside the business.

Operating hours

Retail cannabis businesses in Los Angeles can only sell (and deliver) cannabis and cannabis products between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pacific Time.

Daily limits

Additionally, retailers are subject to certain daily limits for their customers.

Retailers cannot sell more than these amounts to a single adult-use customer in one day:

  • 28.5g of non-concentrated cannabis
  • 8g of concentrated cannabis, including concentrated cannabis in cannabis products
  • 6 immature cannabis plants

For medicinal cannabis patients, there are also daily limits. Retailers cannot sell more than the following amounts to a single medicinal cannabis patient (or that patient's primary caregiver) in one day:

  • 8 ounces of medicinal cannabis
  • 12 immature cannabis plants

Prohibited activities at a cannabis business

Also, there are a few activities that cannot take place at a legal cannabis business. 

  • Sale of alcohol
  • Sale of tobacco products
  • Consumption of cannabis or alcohol
  • Issuances of physician recommendations or approvals
  • Free samples

The number of L.A. cannabis businesses may continue to grow, so if you're looking to set up shop in Los Angeles (or anywhere else in California), contact CCA. We can help you get started on the right foot at the local and state level. 

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