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Successful Business Ventures Can Hinge on Local Cannabis Regulations

A town on the California-Arizona border has recently introduced cannabis business regulations in hopes of returning the city to its former booming business days, which highlights how local laws can shape the cannabis industry. 


Cannabis Industry and a Small California Town

Blythe, California rests on the Cali-Arizona border and has been suffering from a struggling economy. Businesses, like Kmart, have shut down, and the population is shrinking as well, leaving outsiders to consider Blythe as nothing more than a pit stop for gas and food. The recent legalization of adult-use cannabis, however, has lit a spark in the area, and recently the Blythe City Council voted to allow cannabis businesses to set up shop within the city. 

Supporters say the town has a lot going for it regarding its entrance into the cannabis industry. It boasts relatively cheaper land when compared to other California cities, plenty of water and the potential of lower taxes. It also might draw in customers from nearby Arizona, where the substance remains illegal.

An early purveyor into Blythe's cannabis industry is the Palo Verde Center, which plans to develop 2.4 million square feet of cannabis cultivation and processing facilities in the area, which they will then lease out to cannabis businesses. It's hoped that once these businesses get going, the economy will follow and flourish.

Local Regulations Can Shape Cannabis Businesses

We've talked before how local regulations can make — or break — a cannabis business. Since the state has established regulations regarding adult-use cannabis businesses, that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all — a local license is still required before setting up shop. However, not all municipalities are on board, which leaves some business ideas in the dust, but for those cities that have passed ordinances permitting cannabis businesses to operate, it's a great opportunity to help improve the local economy. 

If you're looking to set up a cannabis business and you don’t know whether the local laws will work for you, be sure to contact CCA. We can assist with everything from lobbying for ordinance changes in target locations to making sure you're checking every single compliance box along the way. 

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